On-line resources

Associations et organismes

  • National Film Board of Canada

    A public body for the production and distribution of films, the NFB has produced more than 12,000 films since its founding in 1939 and has employed some of the greatest film talents in Canada and Quebec.

  • Régie du cinéma

    The Régie du cinéma, created in 1912, is the successor to Quebec’s film censorship body, the Bureau de censure. Its mandate is to classify the films shown in Quebec and to make this classification available to the public. (The English version of the Régie’s site can be found at the same url.)

  • Film Studies Association of Canada

    The FSAC was founded in 1976 and seeks to promote research into film history and aesthetics in Canada, in particular through its publication Canadian Journal of Film Studies /Journal canadien d’études cinématographiques.

  • Centre for Research on Intermediality

    Le CRI is the principal Canadian research centre into intermedial relations and their historical, sociological, cultural and political implications.


Films on line

  • National Film Board of Canada

    Hundreds of documentaries, animated films and fiction films produced since the founding of the NFB in 1939 are available free of charge on the NFB web site.

  • Virtual Silver Screen

    Numerous films made between 1902 and 1941 and preserved by Library and Archives Canada, including various Associated Screen News productions, can be viewed on line.

  • Clergé et patrimoine cinématographique québécois

    Here you can find an essay by Christian Poirier and many clips of films by Maurice Proulx and Albert Tessier. (In French only.)

Individuals and companies

  • Featuring . . . Gratien Gélinas

    This site, devoted to the Gratien Gélinas archives held at Library and Archives Canada, provides an illustrated overview of the life and career of the author of La dame aux camélias, la vraie and Tit-coq.

  • Je m’appelle Claude Jutra

    Discover the life and career of Claude Jutra through a variety of documents and film clips. (In French only.)

Museums, archives and film collections

  • Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec

    The BAnQ’s collections are an invaluable source for research into Quebec film history. The BAnQ holds many films made in Quebec, including those produced by the Service de ciné-photographie and by the priest Maurice Proulx. Other invaluable sources for film historians include several collections of archival documents (including those of the Régie du cinéma), newspapers and periodicals.

  • Cinémathèque québécoise

    The Cinémathèque québécoise was founded in 1963. Its mission is to preserve and document Quebec’s film and television heritage and to make it accessible to an increasingly broad and diversified audience. Films shot in Quebec are screened on a regular basis in their original format. In addition, the Médiathèque Guy-L.-Coté provides film buffs and researchers with an incomparable collection of books, periodicals and press kits. (In French only.)

  • Library and Archives Canada

    Library and Archives Canada holds the largest collection of films in Canada, along with a great number of publications and documents essential to the study of film history.


  • Cinémas

    A scholarly film studies journal based at the Université de Montréal. Members of GRAFICS publish in its pages regularly.

  • Nouvelles “vues” sur le cinéma québécois

    An on-line journal with a wide selection of interviews and texts by specialists on Quebec cinema. (In French only.)

  • Hors-Champ

    An on-line journal based in Montreal. Hors-Champ publishes interviews, criticism and opinion pieces in addition to organising regular screenings and events. (In French only.)

  • 24 images

    A magazine for film buffs published in Montreal since 1979. (In French only).

  • Ciné-Bulles

    Published by the Association des cinémas parallèles du Québec, this magazine features criticism, interviews and theme sections devoted to films and filmmakers. (In French only).

  • Canadian Journal of Film Studies

    This scholarly journal, published by the Film Studies Association of Canada, regularly publishes articles on Canadian film history.

Resources on line

  • Silent Cinema in Quebec

    A site devoted to the history of film production, distribution and exhibition in Quebec during the silent era (1896-1930). Visitors can view numerous films made in Quebec during this period.

  • Répertoire audiovisuel Québec

    A project of the Cinémathèque québécoise, this catalogue is the first reference work on more than 23,000 titles produced since the early twentieth century by individuals or companies in Quebec. Many of the films listed are accompanied by a variety of visual documents. (In French only.)

  • Cinéma québécois: la série télé

    This site includes a number of texts and clips of films made in Quebec from 1960 to 2000. (In French only.)

  • Éléphant: mémoire du cinéma québécois

    The portal of this major project for making feature films publicly available has a variety of resources on film in Quebec, past and present. (In French only.)

  • Cinéma et oralité

    Find information about the important work of the filmmaker-priests and the representatives of the National Film Board of Canada who travelled around Quebec for several decades. (In French only.)