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Welcome to the web site Cinema in Quebec: The Talkies and Beyond, 1930-1952. Here you will find more than 70 fiction, documentary and news films made in Quebec between the arrival of sound film in the early 1930s and the arrival of television in 1952. In addition, numerous articles and documents will help introduce you to the artists, craftspeople and entrepreneurs who participated in the history of cinema in Quebec. You will learn about the Canadian and international historical context through a profusely illustrated historical timeline. An interactive map will connect you with images shot in various regions of the province and let you discover more than a hundred Quebec movie theatres. The Cinema in Quebec: The Talkies and Beyond web site also contains a vast database providing access to thousands of documents on cinema taken from a variety of Quebec newspapers and periodicals. Cinema in Quebec: The Talkies and Beyond is the second phase of a huge project of making Quebec’s film heritage accessible to the public, beginning with the site Silent Cinema in Quebec, 1896-1930. We hope you enjoy your visit!